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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cool Find!

Been a busy week here--all sorts of things going on, the main one being a big push to get things listed on Ebay.  I managed to list 25 so far, I've already sold 4 things, so I guess it has been worth it.  I will be back at it again after I am finished writing this post.  I want to have 50 items listed before the end of the month, and will be continuing to post something daily through September and October.  I have some items that I want to have out there for the holiday shopping season, all of this planning is brain draining, but I want this stuff out of my house, and want to get the best prices possible.  The box of Barbie's is getting smaller by the day.

In between all of this I'm trying to get some other things done around here as my sister is coming for a visit next week.  She hasn't been here since spring so I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm going to take her with me to Red White and Blue, she's never been there and keeps hearing me talk about it.  She's not a big thrift shopper, but she does like a good bargain.  Should be interesting.

On Tuesday I needed a break from Ebay stuff, so I decided to make some chocolate fudge.  I've made the microwave version many times, but I've never made the good old fashioned type that you cook on the stove, so I thought I would give it a try.  Especially since I knew I had all of the ingredients already.  Not sure if it was the recipe, the pot I cooked it in (temperature issue) or something else, but it was an unmitigated disaster.  It seemed to go well until it got to the part where I needed to get it up to a certain temperature.  It didn't want to get there (darned old stove), but I knew all about "soft ball stage" and tested it, thought it would be okay.  It wasn't.  It was so bad when it finally did set up, I threw it all out.  I don't do that very often, I hate wasting food, but it was completely inedible.  I think I might stick to buying my fudge or making it in the microwave.  I told Lee last night that while I was bummed out that it was such a wreck, I wasn't beating myself up too bad about it.  That's the first recipe I've made in about a year that ended up in the trash.  One new recipe in the trash per year--I figure that's a pretty good ratio. 

I made a run to JoAnn fabrics a few days ago to pick up a couple of things and came across a really neat discovery.  When they discontinue their special order decorator/upholstery fabrics, they sell off the samples.  They were marked $2, but they apparently wanted rid of them because they were reduced to $1 each.  I dug around and found three that I liked and have a perfect use for.  I have a project in the wings that these are going to be used in--can anyone guess what I'm thinking?  (points to whoever comes up with the right answer first!)

The samples are 12 inches x 12 inches, they would be great for making throw pillows, but that's not what I have in mind.  Two of the ones I picked out not only had the 12 x 12 piece, but then a bunch of 6 x 6 pieces attached indicating the different colors available, so it was like getting a bonus.  I won't be starting on this project until after the beginning of September, but I promise I will be sharing it on the blog as I progress.  It's my big "fall/winter" project, although I have a feeling once I get started, I won't be happy until it's finished.  Any ideas, anyone?!?!?!

Back to Ebay....................

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dan said...

Those fabrics are great! As I am a bag lover, I would sew a shopping bag!