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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Trip To Target

I enjoy going to Target and looking around, rarely do I ever go looking for something in particular.  Mostly because Target isn't close, so I'm not as familiar with what they carry all the time.  Friday I decided I was way overdue for a trip to Target and really had nothing going on in the afternoon, so off I went! 

I really didn't buy much--a bag of their yummy trail mix that I love and a bottle of eye drops.  Oh, and these:

I have several antique blue canning jars, but I use them for display only as I'm so afraid of ruining/breaking them.  A couple of months ago I saw that Ball was making blue jars again for the 100th anniversary, so I've been keeping my eyes peeled ever since.  I could have ordered them online, but not a big fan of having glass items shipped if I can avoid it.  Everytime I noticed canning jars in a store, I was seriously checking out the display.  Target was the last place I expected to find them, and at a good price as well--$10.99 for 6.  So what do I plan on using them for?  Food storage, makeshift vases, craft storage--whatever!  I think they will look cute alongside my Longaberger canning jars that are a basketweave pattern, don't you agree?  


Mama Housemouse said...

Picked up some of these myself! Have you noticed that they're a MUCH brighter blue than the antiques? I'm thinking they'll be nice for my blueberry jam - since I'm not afraid of these shattering while processing I can actually USE some of mine for canning now!

My other thought had been... with as bright as they are, how pretty would they be with a red ribbon tied 'round their neck, as candleholders for Memorial Day/4th of July?!?

Wendy said...

Ahhh Target. I could spend all day (and all of my money) in there. Excellent score on the blue glass! :)

Flo said...

Marcy, I did compare mine to the antique ones I had and they are definitely brighter. I just put one in my dishwasher this morning, plan on using it to store my homemade taco seasoning in. I love the idea of them for candleholders, debating on grabbing another package of them when I see them.

dan said...

Hi Flo, I am wonering what eye drops are. . . ( my English is not good enough! )

Flo said...

It is a medication in liquid form that you put in the eyes for various things Dan-I use them to relieve itching from seasonal allergies. Do they have anything like that in Italy? The bottle is made so you can use just a single drop on each eye.

dan said...

Thanks so much for explain me! Yes we have something like that and we call it "collirio"