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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Garden Report............

Feeling a bit like Les Nessman giving the WKRP update here.......the "garden" project is still going very well.  I officially started harvesting some lettuce this past week, and I expect to be picking at least one tomato in the next couple of days--yay!

I've never grown onions from seed before, and I'm really pleased with how they have come along.  They look a bit thick right now, so I think I'm going to start thinning them a bit by pulling some of these little starts and using them in cooking.  I pulled one out of curiosity and was really surprised at how strong smelling they already are, they are definitely onions!!
Here's the tomato plants--the one is really loaded with tomatoes, the other has quite a few, but the super hot spell we had last week didn't help it along.  The one tomato is about ready to harvest, I can't wait to taste it, there is nothing as good as a home grown tomato. I'm hoping some cooler temps, water and fertilizer will revive the one plant.  I bought tomatoes yesterday when I went to Aldi, hoping I won't need to buy any again for a few weeks. 

I've picked a lot of lettuce the past week, it always amazes me how quickly it comes back.  The left side of the container is where started picking at the beginning of the week, it has almost caught up with the little bit on the right where I haven't picked yet!

The green beans bounced back too--no sign of beans yet, but the plants look good and healthy, so I am hopeful :)
And last but not least--the peppers.  These are sweet banana peppers, and have they ever taken off!  At this rate I'll not only have plenty for a recipe I make, but quite a few to freeze.  I'm more than likely going to have to tie these up to a pole, they are so weighed down with peppers--and look at all the blossoms, peppers yet to come!

So far I would say my attempt at mass container gardening was a success, definitely something I will do again next year.  Not as pretty as flowers, but tastes better :)  Take that you stupid deer!

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dan said...

Your gardening is going on very well as I can see. Tomatoes, salad, peppers...and I am sure also the beens will soon be ready!