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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Preppy Bargain!

The heat has finally broken and we are back to normal in this section of the country--hurray!  We went to the movies on Saturday to see "The Lone Ranger", I don't see why the critics have been blasting it, I thought it was really cute.  Nothing like the TV series I remember from my childhood, fortunately I didn't go expecting that.  I've been busy picking stuff from my "garden" and trying to get caught up on laundry that I didn't feel like doing last week when the temps were approaching 100. 

Today I decided to get a bunch of errand running out of the way and do a little bit of shopping.  We have a TJMaxx just 5 minutes from our house, I LOVE TJMaxx, but my last few trips I came out empty handed.  It really is a bit of a crap shoot when you go there, but once in a while...........   Today was one of those good days, I got a cool locking container that will be great for packing hubby's lunches, a new purse that I'm going to save for fall, a bottle of Burberry perfume that I have been looking for the last two months when I went in there (yipee!) and these:

I have a pair of leather Keds slip ons in white that I love, but I was really wanting a pair in some sort of fun pattern.  I had looked in a few places but they not only didn't have any slip ons, they were $35!  I have a hard time spending that much on canvas tennis shoes.  I couldn't believe when not only were these my size, they were also on clearance--$16 :)  I love that they are pink and green, plus while they look like they are lace ups, they aren't, they have hidden elastic gores in them so they are super comfy.  And no, those spots on the right one aren't dirt marks, that is from my nosey little dog sticking her wet nose all over them smelling them.  ARGH!   Thank heavens I don't suffer any OCD issues about dog germs, she does that with everything. 

Once in a while patience pays off.


Gwen said...

Those are super cute.

I need to return rugs to TJMaxx AGAIN....

dan said...

Your shoes look very confortable and the green and pink colour is so cute! A good choose and a real bargain!! Well done Flo. . . all you have to do now is to keep them away from your lovely dog!