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Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Balloons?!

It's fair/festival/carnival season in this neck of the woods.  These events can be sponsored by a church, community or organization and as long as the weather cooperates, they can be a great way to raise money.  A lot of them are an "old home week" feel as well, I know of many families who plan family reunions around a particular event, and some school groups even plan their class reunions that way as well.  The season starts just after Memorial Day and continues through to Labor Day with a few stragglers after, it's just that the weather situation tends to be a bit questionable once you get closer to October.

Last year we found out about one not far from our house with an interesting twist.  It's a carnival to raise money for a local fire department, somehow they have paired it up with a hot air balloon event!  We tried to go last year, but the weather was not cooperative, I don't think a single balloon managed to get in the air the entire weekend.  We decided to give it another try this year, and Friday night we met up with friends for a fun evening of watching balloons followed by dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  Does it get any better than that?!

Here are some nice shots of a balloon going from flat on the ground to in the air:

These ones at this stage make me think of giant beach balls!

Some more up in the air--there were about 10 total launched.

A couple more about to be airborne! 
And last but not least..... 

You would think that after all the balloons we saw in New Mexico in October that we would be sick of them by now--never!
Happy Sunday everyone!  Check out the "blog hop" over at Blissful and Domestic. She always has great ideas and links from other bloggers with fun stuff!


Gwen said...

I would so love to see something like this! I've never had the chance! The balloons are so beautiful!

dan said...

A festival in the open air gives the ipportunity to enjoy a very nice day! Wonderful baloons and great photos!!