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Monday, July 15, 2013


Saturday the weather cooperated and we got to do something we hadn't done in a couple of years--go to a Renaissance Festival.  We have two in the summer within a two hour drive of us, this year we decided to go to the Great Lakes Medival Faire.  A pretty woodland setting (although a little muddy thanks to all the rain from the week before) set on acres of open meadows makes the perfect setting for such an event.  The only drawback was the humidity had moved in earlier than expected, making it a bit uncomfortable for someone like me who hates the heat.  Oh well.

The entrance

One of several musicians throughout the faire

Would love to know if this was made just for this or if it is a former part of a carousel?
So you ask--what was the Tardis doing at a Renaissance Faire?  Well, it just happened to be Alter Ego Time Travel Experience Weekend--you could come dressed as your favorite Sci fi character, toon character--whatever!  We saw everything from Spiderman, several incarnations of Dr. Who and many Steampunk costumes that were unbelievable.  There was one couple in particular who I really wanted to get a picture of, but they kept disappearing on me, so I didn't :'(
We had two acts that we really liked--the first being Danny Lord.  His act was along the lines of Chips Cooney (if you are familiar with him).  Luckily the audience seemed to "get it" as well, it's not something that everyone would enjoy.

I was most impressed when at the end of the act, he decided to speak (his whole act is silent for the most part) and told us that the guy playing the guitar with him was not his usual partner, that it was the first time they had performed together.  You could have fooled me! 
Our other favorite act was The Washing Well Wenches.  We had seen them before, but these two gals seemed to have a great chemistry together and they were particularly good.  "Pearl" and "Gerty" kept us all entertained, and a few people got a little bit wet. (hee hee)

All sorts of fun stuff to buy too, I was good and didn't buy anything!  Truthfully, I have enough Celtic/Irish style jewelry of my own to start a store, but I really like looking if nothing else.  This particular festival is juried for the crafters to prevent too much repetition as well as making sure that the items are truly hand made and not mass produced "made in China" crap.  I appreciate that tremendously as there are some very talented artisans out there. 
We had a lot of fun, just wish it hadn't been so humid.  I do have to say that they have made some changes to this festival since we were last there, some good, some not so good, but I think they are in a transitional stage as they were having financial issues (as have so many of these festivals over the last couple of years).  If you have never been to a Renaissance Festival you really should go--lots of fun, tons of tongue in cheek comedy and laughter, amazing crafts and food--I forgot to mention the yummy cinnamon/sugar peanuts I bought--heaven!  If you are curious about the Pittsburgh festival, check it out here
For your enjoyment--Here is a short clip of the guitarist who accompanied Danny Lord:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UukVYfdm7ws&feature=youtu.be

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