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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I did really well in June by not buying anything in a thrift store.  I think the last time I went that long was last fall, and that was partially because I was sick and then on vacation.  My last purchases weren't all that great, my sister and I went to a Goodwill that I usually do well at the last weekend in May, and all I came out with were two VHS movies for 49 cents each.  I was overdue for some good buys!

Monday I decided to run to the Goodwill here, not a ton of stuff that even caught my eye.  However, I did see this from a distance--"is that what I think it is?"  I made a beeline for it, and my eagle eyes paid off--a Vera Bradley Hipster bag, in immaculate condition!  I really don't think it was ever used, I did wash it just to be safe, but not a stain, tear, mark on it and the zippers worked perfectly.  $3.99, these bags run from $30 - $60 normally, and this is a discontinued pattern that I really like.  :)
I hadn't been to Red White and Blue since I went with my friend in May, so I decided a trip to Pittsburgh was in order yesterday.  It was a bit of a let down, I have noticed that a lot of the thrift stores are low on merchandise at the moment, not sure why.  At the first one I found this nice periwinkle colored Croft & Barrow polo shirt, in brand new condition, it still has the fold marks in it.  It is a bit small at the moment, but I will put it away for next spring.  $3.95.
That was all I purchased there, and I figured I was that far, I might as well go check the other store on the other side of town.  I found this pretty tunic style shirt, I've been wanting one like this, and I loved the fact that the print is along the lines of Lilly Pulitzer.  Not familiar with Sigrid Olsen, but for $3.95 I would take a chance. (notice there seems to be a trend here with the price?!)
I also found this cookbook, I have thought about buying this several times and for the price I couldn't pass it up--$3.95 again! 
Last but not least--my favorite purchase of the week!  I stopped at the Salvation Army in the town I used to work in, and about fell over when I saw these:
I was THRILLED to find these, not only are they hard to find at thrift stores around here, but these ones are in immaculate condition.  I have a feeling they were in a cabinet and barely (if ever) used.  For those who don't know, they are Hall China/Jewel Tea, in the Autumn Leaf pattern.  These are highly collectible, and this particular creamer and sugar would go for premium prices because the gold leafing is still perfect, usually that is what is worn on them.  They have been reproducing these for a collectors club, but these are original issue--whooooo hooo!  I got them BOTH for $3.98, on Ebay they are selling for anywhere from $13 - $20.  Definitely worth the stop, I almost didn't go there! 
Now back to being good.........this ought to hold me over for a while. 


dan said...

It is so nice to discover some treasure and you have found three! The little purse and the shirt go very well together and the china are delightful...

Wendy said...

Nice scores - I especially love the Autumn leaf pattern set!

Yup, thrifting addictions are the worst (and best). :)