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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Putting things in perspective...............

It's not been the best week here.  We found out that hubby will probably be unemployed before too long.  The timing couldn't be worse since I'm not working.  Fortunately we have been accustomed to the "living on one income" for quite a few years now, and the only real "panic" type thing is health insurance.  I hadn't planned on going back to work at this point, but given the circumstances, I polished up my resume and sent a couple out yesterday and will be sending out some more.  We're both hopeful that it won't take him long to find another job.  I won't lie, we have both been upset, I've cried, but in the back of my mind I know that we will be okay.  Being an over-planner does have it's good points.

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting here watching the footage of the devastation from the tornado in Oklahoma with tears running down my face.  I can't even imagine what these people are dealing with, although I have had some experience with it.  In May of 1995 our home was damaged by a tornado and in May of 1985, the only F5 tornado to ever hit in the state of Pennsylvania occurred just over the hill from where we live right now, destroying homes and business and killing several people.  Debris was thrown all over the county including where we were living at the time.  We spent days finding things, mostly containers from potted plants (I found out later on that a greenhouse in Ohio took a direct hit), home parts, the neighbor kids even found a pair of pants on a hanger.  Months later people were finding items and attempting to reunite them with their owners.  I don't think I will ever forget the story of a teddy bear that traveled a good 50 miles in the storm being returned to the little girl it belonged to. 

They interviewed a woman this morning whose home wasn't completely leveled, but those around her were.  She said she was just thankful that her two sons were okay.  The rest really didn't matter to her.  I remember feeling that way when we had our own home damaged, I was more upset about the plants I'd lost than the fact that my garage was completely totalled.   Insurance and money can replace the "stuff and things", but living things can't be. 

I know we will be okay.  This is a bump in the road, and hopefully it won't be a big bump.  We have options and backups.  As the saying goes--"Life is what happens to you when you start making plans."


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh Flo, so sorry to hear about the employment challenges. It sounds as though you live within your means and as long as one of you brings home a paycheque things are okay. Still, it's surely an unanticipated turn of events. We've dealt with the unemployment issue quite a few times over the years, and I totally understand your feelings.

Sue xo

dan said...

I am very sorry about your husband. I have read carefully your post, and yes, you are right: it's terrible what happened in Oklahoma. I've seen about that on the tv...I do hope that things will soon be better for you. A big kiss!