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Monday, May 13, 2013

I've Been Good :)

At the end of April I posted that I was going to stay away from thrift stores and the like and concentrate on getting things out of here.  I have to say that I have been very, very good and have managed to get this far in to the month without so much as a single purchase.  I've also sold quite a few things on Ebay as well as making another trip to Goodwill with a box of odds and ends and a bag of clothing, and a trip to the consignment store with two bags of clothing.  Getting there!  Far from done, but I feel like I am making progress.   I will be making a trip late next week to Red White & Blue with a friend who has never been there, we've been trying to do this since last fall and finally managed to get our schedules coordinated.  I think I can allow myself a couple of pieces of clothing and maybe (maybe!) a "dust collector" kind of item.  My reward for good behavior ;)

I did realize though that I hadn't shown my last two purchases before I put myself on my self-imposed "exile".  The one was hanging in my laundry room after I washed it and the other I had put away since I am saving it for fall.   The first--a GORGEOUS Smith & Hawken jacket, brand new for a whopping $2.99!!  I was drooling when I saw it, first off Smith & Hawken is no longer in business and I have been wanting one of these floral style barn jackets for an eternity.  I've looked at several of them, but just hadn't felt like parting with the cash.  How could I say no for $2.99?!?!

Please ignore the wrinkles, I haven't gotten around to ironing it yet.  Isn't it pretty?  I didn't realize until I got home that the belted part on the back is removable, so if I want it to have a different fit, super easy.  The other great part is it is so well made, should I decide I don't want it, I don't think I will have any trouble selling it either on consignment or on Ebay.  Major score!  I would be willing to bet that this jacket sold for no less than $100 originally.
My other score was a pair of shoes--specifically a pair of Bass shoes.  I love Bass shoes, I've owned quite a few pair over the years.  We have a Bass outlet not far from here and we are frequent shoppers.  So much so that we regularly get rewards coupons, and I just so happened to have a $10 coupon that needed used soon.  For some reason I was drawn to the clearance racks and found these:
The original price--$99.00.  I matched the color tag with the reduction--85% off!  That brought them to $14.85, quite a bargain, but then take my $10 coupon off--$4.85!!!  How can you beat that?  That's not the first time I've done that, I managed to get a pair of sandals a couple of years ago dirt cheap the same way.  I just loved this pair, they are dressier, well cushioned and have a type of sole that makes them perfect for any serious walking, great shoes for travel.  They are put away in my closet for the time being, waiting for fall.  And they are the perfect replacement for the Clark's shoes that died over the winter! 
Nothing better than a good bargain, especially when the bargain is something you need or something you've been looking for :) 

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dan said...

Floral prints arenice in spring... I am waiting to see the jacket on you!