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Monday, April 29, 2013


I posted earlier about being overrun with Barbie dolls and such and trying to sell that stuff on Ebay.  Over the weekend we decided it was time to tackle cleaning the garage.  EEEEEK!!!  There was a lot of stuff out there from when we cleaned out the last of the stuff last summer from the old house.  Unfortunately we had some other things happen that prevented us from giving it the attention it needed then, and it just ended up all over the place.  Maybe that's a good thing, sitting on that stuff for almost a year gives you a different perspective on it.  Let's just say that we have two full garbage cans this morning, we took a car full of stuff to the Goodwill and we put out a few larger things to the curb with "FREE" signs on them, and all but one of those are gone.  We have a handful of things to take care of now and we probably gained close to 1/2 of the space back in the garage.  Very few things made it in to the house, and some of that will be going on Ebay, only a couple are things we actually want to keep.  We had been debating on putting a shed up in the back yard and while we are still thinking that would be nice to have, it isn't a 100% necessity and if we do, we don't need one even close to as big as we thought!  Once we get the second push mower out of there too we will have even more space.  We have a new "home" for it, they just need to come and pick it up-yay!

That said, the whole house clean out has officially begun.  Because of that, I am going to do my best to stay away from thrift stores and yard sales.  Stuff needs to leave this house before anything else comes in.  One of the things I had tried to avoid when we moved was excess clutter, and while it's definitely better than our old house, I can see how it could creep up on us.  Back to the "nothing comes in until something leaves" rule!!!  We definitely have more stuff than we need, and what we do have needs some more organization.  It's not terrible, but it does need some tweaking.  I don't need any clothes, dishes, knick-knacks--nothing!! Let's see if I can go the whole month of May without buying anything in those categories?!?!?! 

One of my favorite bloggers, Muffy Aldrich, has stated several times in her own posts that they don't have a bunch of stuff in storage, their basement and attic are relatively empty.  While some people might think that is strange, I am truly impressed.  Perhaps a bit jealous too.  She's given me something to shoot for though.  This week I want to finish cleaning my living room, there are already a handful of things in the Goodwill box and a couple things that might make it to Ebay before the week is out.  Stay tuned! 


Gwen said...

Good for you! Sounds like you got a lot of stuff done!

I keep thinking that I want to go through and purge before our move. Hubby thinks I should. But I know that I'll be going through it all again after we move. I seriously don't want to look at everything twice! So, I've been torn and avoiding it all together.

Beth Dunn said...

I'm so jealous too! Our attick is filled. Makes me crazy

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

That's awesome! I am just getting ready to list stuff on ebay and have a pile going to drop off at the first goodwill that I come across next week. Less is more is my new motto!


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Right on Flo! I love that you are clearing clutter away. The more space you create, the better you will feel. We have down-sized a few times over the last years, and each time we get rid of more stuff. Hearing that other people are doing it too, is good news.

Sue xo

dan said...

Hi Flo, old stuff tends to pile up quicky, you did a good job! I have a wardbobe that need the same!