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Friday, April 19, 2013

Got THAT out of my system!

We have an animal rescue group in our area called "Angels For Animals" and every year they have a HUGE yard sale to raise money.  It is all stuff that has been donated, and every year it gets bigger and bigger.  I've always been curious about it, but it always starts on a Friday.  They charge a $1 admission fee to it, but for the first two hours of the first day, you can get first pick for a $5 admission fee.  Since I'm not working I thought I would give it a try.

Let's just say that if I go again I will probably just pay the $1 fee, I didn't really find much that I was wowed by.  I don't feel ripped off because the money does go to an excellent cause, but not sure that I would go again, especially not for the early bird.  It did work out because it was near someplace else I've been wanting to go to, so I got that out of the way as well. 

I guess my biggest complaint was that there just wasn't much that I was in to, and the nicer items that they had that I might have bought were priced a bit higher than I was willing to pay.  I guess I'm spoiled from shopping at the area thrift stores.  (my husband doesn't call me the cheapest woman in America for nothing!)  I did find these two baskets--they aren't any specific name brand (made in China), but I thought they were both nicely made.  I'm thinking that the one on the left might be nice for a project I mentioned in an earlier post.  The faux fruit definitely has to go no matter what on that one!  I do like the wooden acorns on the other, they appear to be very well crafted.  They were $1.50 each which I thought was extremely reasonable.  The one with the acorns has a few damaged spots but nothing so bad I can't fix it. 

Last year they made (are you sitting down?) $79,000 from this sale!!!!!!!!  This year they are aiming to raise $100,000--they use the proceeds to help maintain the shelter since they rely entirely on donations.  They had two complete estates donated for this years sale, I thought that was incredible!

Have a great weekend!


Gwen said...

Oh, come on, leave the fake fruit. LOL

I, too, have been spoiled by thrift shop prices. I guess I'm a little too frugal about things because of it. But, oh well, saves me money to be frugal. ;)

dan said...

That sale was for a good cause. There are many people with a big heart!