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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson

One of our day trips was a visit to Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson.  Brunswick was a coastal town in North Carolina along the Cape Fear river that was established in 1726.   Founded by the Moore family who owned the adjoining Orton plantation, Brunswick was a thriving port, used by both merchant ships as well as the Royal Navy.  Brunswick's success was short lived when it was surpassed by nearby Wilmington for port activity and then burnt by the British Army during the Revolutionary War (all I could picture was Col. Tavington in "The Patriot").  It was never rebuilt.  Much of what remained was then buried under earthworks built to construct Fort Anderson during the Civil War. 

The only building from Brunswick that remained were ruins from St. Phillips church, and it is in major disrepair--roofless and having some exterior damage from cannon balls that hit it during the Civil War.

In the 1950's a major excavation was done to unearth some of the remaining parts of several buildings of Brunswick.  The museum also had a nice display of items found during these excavations such as hardware, glassware and other personal type items as well as weapons, cannons and cannonballs. 

A beautiful shot of the Cape Fear river, makes you wonder why they never rebuilt the town on such a beautiful location with this kind of view!
Here's a nice shot of the earthworks that were part of Fort Anderson--used as a Confederate Fort during the Civil War, it was built primarily to protect Wilmington. 
The property where Brunswick/Fort Anderson are located was once part of The Orton Plantation, donated to the state of North Carolina as a historical site.  Orton plantation was a huge rice plantation, covering over 4,000 acres.  Over the years it had changed hands many times and had been used as different things, but in 2010, it was purchased by a direct descendant of the original owner.  The land is currently being restored and it is hoped by 2014 they will be growing rice on it again.  The home is no longer open for tours as it is now a private residence. 
For more information on Brunswick/Fort Anderson:  http://www.nchistoricsites.org/brunswic/brunswic.htm

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