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Monday, April 22, 2013

Adventures in Ebay

A couple of years ago we made the decision to sell our large ranch style home in the country and move to a smaller home in town.  The reasons were many--wanting to be closer to hubby's job, closer to stores and such, and the main one, just too much wasted space and wanting something smaller to care for.  The challenge however was what to do with all of that stuff we had that wouldn't fit.  To make matters more complicated, my mom passed away a week after we closed on the new house, and I had all of her stuff as well--eeek!!  We donated a lot of stuff to the Salvation Army and Goodwill, but there were still a lot of things left that we wanted to sell on Ebay.  I figured that it would be a good project for me once I quit working full time.  I am just now at the end of month four of selling and I have barely started to scratch the surface!!!!

The biggest group of items to sell was my mom's collection of Barbie dolls.  Unfortunately in between when she purchased these and now,  Barbie has tanked a bit, so I'm sure I'm not getting what she paid for most of these, but I am getting them out of my house, making some extra spending money, and hopefully someone is happy with the deal they have found.  I'm cleaning out closets, drawers and anything else I can think of and at the rate I am going, I should be able to keep this going for at least a year or two!!!! (if not longer)  I'm not selling mass quantities of stuff, just taking advantage of the 50 free listings a month.  I do have to say that it is a bit "addictive", once you get started it makes it easier to look at things with a different eye.  I guess that's a good thing.

My biggest issue is just finding the best time of the month to sell, the best method--I've tried several different things and just about the time I think I have it figured out, I don't.  The funniest thing to me is how I will have something listed at a reasonable price, it doesn't sell, I re-list it lower with the buy-it-now at what I listed it before--and bam!-it sells at the BIN on the second go-round, go figure.  I guess I'll just keep plugging away at it and see what happens.  As long as things keep leaving I guess I can't complain too much!

Anyone have any funny stores from their Ebay experiences?


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I've never tried to sell anything on EBay. I can only suggest that you keep doing what you are doing, and experience will guide you.

You sound a bit like me. Trying to let things go that no longer serve you, but still being attracted to the thrill of the hunt for new treasure. Always a balancing act for me!

Sue xo

Beth Dunn said...

I'm a buy it now ebay shopper so I bet there are a lot of us out there