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Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Week on the Rollercoaster

It's been a heck of a week here.  Monday and Tuesday weren't too bad, actually pretty good, I had several things sell quickly on Ebay that I wasn't expecting.  Wednesday morning we woke up to a cold house--our furnace had quit.  I called the repair guy, hoping it was something simple.  Not so--the furnace was dead, not just broke, dead dead.  As in "has to be replaced dead".  Ugh.  Luckily when we bought this house almost three years ago (has it really been that long?) we were aware of the fact that it wasn't exactly a new furnace, so we were somewhat prepared for this and not completely shocked.  But why does this kind of stuff always happen when it's nasty cold out and not just mildly cold?  Luckily for us we have some nice electric space heaters and the dining room has a ventless gas heater that we don't use just sitting there.  I shut off the unused bedrooms and we were at least able to stay warm just using those.  Yesterday they came and put the new one in and we are all toasty warm again.  Just need to get the odors that come with new equipment out of the house.

So yesterday while I was waiting for them to finish the install, my purse came that I ordered from Overstock--love it!  I needed that pick me up, couldn't have come at a better time.  And in the evening I was looking for something on LLBean and came across a coat on sale that I couldn't pass up.  I LOVE love love my LLBean barn jacket and I wanted one like it with just a bit more insulation for running errands and going to the grocery store in during colder weather.  I have a very nice Lands' End parka but it is just a bit too warm for when you get in the store and start walking around.   Lo and behold, LLBean had a corduroy version with quilted lining like my favorite barn jacket on clearance for $33!!!  I couldn't get my order typed in quickly enough.  Nothing like a little retail therapy bargain to make me feel better about the $3000 I just forked out for a new furnace LOL.

I was barely done basking in the thrill of my LLBean bargain when Laney started acting strange.  Next thing I know "yak" all over the edge of the carpet.  Got it cleaned up only to have her puke again.  Then we discovered two more in the bedroom.  Before it was over with she puked 11 times!!!  I did call the vet and he gave us some advice (I love our vet)  and the last puke was a combination of liquid, Pepto Bismol and a little bit of blood (which the vet had forewarned me might happen)  all over my nice tan rug.  Great.  I did manage to get most of it out with disinfecting wipes and got her settled.  She hasn't had any problems since, we think she ate something out of the backyard.  I know I will be scrubbing the rug in the living room before the weekend is out.  My neck is killing me, I'm sure the stress of the week has caught up with me.  Thank heavens for Excedrin Migraine.

Today I am going to concentrate on getting the last of our taxes done, getting caught up on all the house stuff that I couldn't get done because it was too cold in here, and this afternoon we are going to see "Lincoln".  We have one of those $3 theaters here and we've been waiting for it to get there.  Good timing!  Have a great weekend everyone! 

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