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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ireland, Part 7--Dublin

Dublin is a fun city to visit, lots of things to see, do and lots of shopping!  It's a wonderful place to end your trip and do all of your souvenir shopping, there are so many places selling Irish goods.  Plenty of interesting things to do as well.  I highly recommend getting on a "Hop on/Hop off" tour of Dublin, you learn a lot about different sights around the city and it makes it a great mode of transportation as well.

I don't have a ton of pictures of Dublin, we were too busy enjoying the city, the food and all of the people watching.  Our first night in Dublin we did go to a large pub that offered free entertainment.  The catch is if you want a really good seat you need to make a reservation for dinner, but if you weren't as picky (like us!) you could sit in another section and just get a drink and still listen to the music and watch the dancers.

 The interior of the pub--I wish I could remember the name!
A pair of the Irish dancers--we recognized one of the girls on a travel special after we returned to the States! 
One of the best places in Dublin for food and drink is the area known as Temple Bar.  If you can't find someplace good to eat there, you are just too picky, there is just about every cuisine you can think of.  There is even a Hard Rock Cafe there if you are serious about getting American style food.  We ate at two places there while we were in Dublin--one was a wonderful Mexican place called "Poco Loco".  I had to give a couple of Irish ladies an education on Mexican food, they had no idea what any of the items were and were a bit intimidated by "refried beans".
Another place we ate at that was very good was "The Bad Ass Cafe".  It is primarily a pizza joint, but they have a fairly extensive menu and I got a really good steak there.  I got a kick out of the horseshoes embedded in the sidewalk out front!

Dublin is a very young city population wise, when we were there in 2003 the average age of a Dubliner was 27!!!  It is probably one of my favorite cities that we have traveled to because of it's location and variety of things to do.  To me you haven't been to Ireland if you haven't been to Dublin. 
Along the river Liffey

One thing that is a must see in Dublin--the library at Trinity College which houses the Book of Kells.  Both the library and the Book of Kells are just beyond beautiful.  I have no pictures because they aren't allowed, but it's probably one of the neatest places we have ever been.  North of Dublin is a place called Newgrange that is also on our list of "must sees" when in Ireland--but also a place that doesn't allow pictures! 

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Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Hi Flo, I have some Irish in my heritage and visiting the country is on my 'bucket' list. My parents have been, and the countryside looks so beautiful. I have a lot of love for cities, and I know I would love Dublin!

I looked back at some of your earlier posts, and was delighted with the read. I know exactly what you mean about fabric.

Sue xo