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Friday, February 1, 2013

Who Ya Rootin' For????

Another Super Bowl Sunday is upon us--and the big question is--who are you cheering for?  I used to be a 49'ers fan, back in the Joe Montana era, but lost interest for whatever reasons.  And to me, a team from Baltimore should be the Colts--am I showing my age or what?  So I really didn't care--but that sort off  changed after hearing the story that Lee told me last night while we were eating dinner.

One of his co-workers told him that his wife's grandmother is a huge 49ers fan, and they decided to write a letter to the team on her behalf.  They told them what a big fan she was and all they asked for was perhaps a team picture, an autograph, just something.  She is in her 80's and they figured whatever they got, she would be thrilled with.  You can imagine how surprised they were when a HUGE box showed up at their house, full of all sorts of 49'ers stuff--autographed pictures, shirts, hats--you name it.  Grandma was tickled pink (or perhaps red and gold!) and as a result, Dave said he feels like he really should be rooting for them.  I see his point!  And what a sweet gesture on the part of whoever organized such a wonderful gift. 

Have a great weekend everyone--and go nine-ers!!!

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Beth Dunn said...

I was cheering for Baltimore but I didn't really care