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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kmart Sucks!

Sorry about quoting Rainman, but Kmart left a very bad taste in my mouth yesterday.  I've never been a big fan to begin with, but I was really annoyed after my experience. 

At Christmas time I went in to our local Kmart to look for a few things and really made out.  So much so I ended up spending almost $100!  When I got to the check out I got suckered in to one of their "Shop My Way" rewards cards.  I was excited because I not only earned my regular points, but I also got a $5 gift card that I could use the following week on whatever.  Worked out great, I found a pair of earrings I really liked that were $4.99--so I really only had to pay the sales tax.

Since then I've been paying close attention to the members only deals and specials.  Last week hubby and I went to a Kmart in a different town--I picked up several things, used up my points and earned some more.  Also got another $5 gift card for this week.  Over the weekend I got an e-mail about bonus points I had received that were only good for 3 days.  Terrific--I would use those $5 in bonus points, my $5 gift card and the whopping $1.03 in regular points I had and basically get $11.03 in freebies. 

When I got to the check out the cashier entered my phone number--and NOTHING came up.  WTF?!  Not the $5 bonus points or the $1.03 that I had legitimately earned.  I complained a bit, but didn't get anywhere, and I still got the $5 gift card off my total.  Fortunately everything I bought was stuff I needed anyhow.  When I got home I logged in to my account, and I was right, I had exactly what I thought I had in credits coming to me.  Then the thought crossed my mind that perhaps the cashier had entered my phone number in wrong.  Oh well.  Until this morning when I decided to see what had happened on my account--and lo and behold, my purchase from yesterday was right there with the points I had earned on it.  And to make matters worse, my $5 bonus had expired overnight, so I basically lost $5.  I was pissed!!!  I shot off an e-mail to Kmart, we will see what comes of it.  I'm not expecting anything, but I think to give me the $5 bonus credits would be a nice gesture.  I'm also ticked off because I realized that one of the items I bought last week was on sale, but I didn't get the sale price.  I am returning it anyhow, so no harm, no foul, but still.  It wasn't until I dug the receipt out to get my return ready that I noticed it.  Grrrr........

And Kmart (and Sears) wonder why they are struggling?  Seems like a no-brainer to me!

An update to my Etsy story--I did finally get my money back, but only after I filed a complaint with Paypal.  I got a wimpy-assed response back from Etsy, and this person is STILL selling stuff and has gotten even more negative feedback.  What gives?


Beth Dunn said...

I get very frustrated when I feel like I'm financially taken advantage of. Especially with retail

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

This just happened to me with Price Chopper, my local grocery store. It prints gas rewards at the bottom and last week I earned $1 off for up to 20 gallons. That's a total of $20! Yesterday it said $0.10. THat's a total of $2. I called today and got a snotty woman who said I had to call back AFTER they expired because they could not look it up until then. Makes zero sense!


Wendy said...

This kind of stuff chaps my arse, too! I hope you get everything resolved with K-Mart. As far as Etsy/ Ebay, I wont buy from a seller that has any negative feedback.