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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ireland, Part 4-Kilkea Castle

One of the things we really wanted to do on this trip was to spend a night or two in an Irish castle.  I had really hoped for Castle Leslie, where Paul McCartney married Heather Mills but unfortunately we were traveling at the wrong time of year, it is only open part time.  After doing a bit of research I came across Kilkea Castle, near the town of Castledermot in County Kildare.  County Kildare is almost to the Eastern part of Ireland, southwest of Dublin in the heart of horse racing country.  We got up bright and early to start our trip on Sunday morning. 

Kilkea Castle was built in the 12th century and over the years was owned by many different families.  In the early 1960's it was converted in to a castle hotel with lush grounds that included a golf course and exercise center.  Unfortunately in 2009 it became yet another victim of the Irish financial crisis and it now closed and up for sale.  Wanna buy a castle????

When I reserved our room, I reserved something simple.  The less expensive rooms were actually former stable areas that were converted and from the photos online were very nice and accomodating.  As we pulled in I could see that area off to the left:
I went in to get checked in and was pleasantly surprised to find out that we had been upgraded!  They didn't have a lot of bookings as it was a Sunday evening, and it was much easier for them to have all the guests in the main part of the building for cleaning and heating purposes.  I wasn't about to complain!  We were absolutely stunned when we saw what our upgrade included:
 Our bedroom

The bathroom--if you look close, notice that the walls are curved--there's a reason!
 We even had our own sitting room!  I said it was a shame that we didn't know anyone in the area, we could have thrown a party in this room!
 View of the garden and grounds from our bedroom window.  I can only imagine how pretty this must be in the summer months. 
View of the castle from the garden.  Now you can see why our bathroom was curved--it was in the turret where the double window at the top is. 

 I thought it was rather interesting how they had put plaster around this raised piece of work from the original castle, there were several spots like this around the interior. 
We stayed here for two nights, it made a great base for that part of Ireland and was truly a neat experience.  It is really a shame that it was let go, from different reviews I have read online, it went downhill around 2007 until it ultimately closed. 

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