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Friday, February 8, 2013

Ireland, Part 1--Getting There

There are two major airports in the Republic of Ireland--Dublin and Shannon.  Dublin is just outside of the city and services eastern Ireland, Shannon is out in the middle of nowhere in the west, the closest large city is Limerick.  Dublin is a reasonable sized airport--not huge, but big enough, and very well organized.  We arrived early in the morning at Dublin after an overnight flight on Aer Lingus (Ireland's national airline) and we were ready to go.

Our plan after arriving was to catch a train that would take us across the country to Galway, allowing us some time to relax (and sleep).  I had checked the train schedule before we left the US and I knew that there were two morning trains--one that left shortly after we were to land and another around 11:00AM.  Knowing we were cutting it close, I wasn't counting on catching the first one.  What I didn't take in to consideration was how determined our taxi driver was that WE WERE going to make it for the first one!  Nice guy, talked a lot, asked us a lot of questions and we had a whirlwind ride across Dublin--thank heavens rush hour hadn't started yet.  And we made the first train with just a few minutes to spare.

We had a pleasant ride and we arrived in Galway right around lunch time.  Our room wasn't ready just yet, so we decided to take a walk, grab a bite to eat and make some plans for the following day.  The owner of the bed and breakfast we were staying at made some great suggestions and we ended up booking a tour for the next day.

 Some city views of Galway

Galway is a decent sized city with lots of unique shops.  It is home to the Claddagh ring--and that was the very first thing I bought in Ireland!  Fallers Jewelry is known for it's rings, they presented one to President and Mrs. Kennedy when they visited Ireland, and that is where I ended up getting one--they even sized it for me the same day.
This was the ring I finally picked--they had soooooo many!

After walking around for a while and having full stomachs, our overnight flight started to catch up with us, so we headed back to take a nap.  We did manage to venture out once more for dinner and a little more sightseeing around Galway, and then it was time to turn in so we were ready for our tour the next day of the Connemara region.

Ardawn House, the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Galway

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Stunning! Visiting Ireland is at the top of my bucket list. I've wanted to go for the last 20 years. I can't wait to read more about your trip.