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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Etsy Disappointment :(

I recently had an incident at Etsy that has left me very disappointed in Etsy itself.  I ordered an item, but within a half an hour decided to cancel said item.  I realize that cancelling an item on Etsy is hit and miss--it is totally up to the seller if they agree to the cancellation.  In addition to cancelling the sale, I also e-mailed the seller.  Two days went by and I hadn't heard anything either way, so I e-mailed again.  Finally I heard from the seller and they agreed to cancel the sale.  Seller did that--but then didn't refund my money!

Upon further investigation, I discovered that this seller has had repeat complaints about merchandise not being delivered, not responding to e-mails--the list went on and on.  I personally don't know how this seller has been allowed to continue to sell on Etsy with a feedback this bad.  I decided to e-mail Etsy about this.

I've heard nothing.  Nada.  Not a "we will look in to this"--not a word.  I think that is terribly irresponsible.  Even Ebay will lock out someone if they are not keeping certain standards.  Very bad show Etsy!

I finally got my money back, but only after I filed a complaint with PayPal.  It makes me mad that I had to even do that.  If you don't provide merchandise then to me a refund is a no brainer, and should have been done as soon as Etsy finished processing the cancellation.  As someone who sells on Ebay, there is a certain level of service that is to be expected.  The seller fell short on all accounts and Etsy apparently doesn't care :(  I've since ordered two other items off Etsy--one from someone I've bought from before and someone new, but with great feedback.  I know that I will be very particular who I buy from in the future, and this whole incident has left a bad taste in my mouth, not just with the seller, but with Etsy as well.   I definitely will look for other ways to purchase besides Etsy if this is all the better they can do.  Grrrr........


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

That shocks me because if you google, you will find thousands of complaints that Etsy cancels seller shops without any reason regularly. It happened to me and just recently, for zero reson, they have now even banned me from buying. I have 100% seller and buyer ratings. I have most of my seller story on my sidebar. I just went round robin with them again last week actually and they were like nope, you are banned for life but STILL won't give me a reason. So to know someone has actual complaints just digs at me. I never had anything other than a positive rating to buy or sell but they have banned me for life!


Flo said...

I remember reading about some if your problems with Etsy and that is why I am so shocked at how my problems were just dismissed. I have noticed a particular group of items recently that are disappearing, I think because they are similar to a company who I think threatens them. I guess they are more concerned with keeping the peace with big business instead of promoting small business. I was thinking of selling stuff on there, but after the issues I had, and the ones you and other sellers have had, I am really re-thinking it.