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Thursday, January 24, 2013


I hate January.  I can't think of a single year where I can say "wow, that was a great January!"  Not even when the Steelers have won the Super Bowl.  It's just one of those months where it's gloomy, cold and everything seems to go wrong.

I got an e-mail about a week and a half ago from a friend that went something like this: "the hot water tank has sprung a leak, the Jeep won't come out of four-wheel drive and the elastic in my underwear is shot".  Kind of sums up January in a nut-shell.  I know a lot of people who feel like I do about January.  I think some of it is the post-holiday let down, the fear of the Christmas credit card bills and bad weather.  I'm always glad when it is past.  Luckily we only have a little bit to go. 

My past week has been kind of messed up.  It started with my laptop battery, it is finally giving up, and rather quickly.  I have a new one ordered and it will hopefully be here tomorrow.  In the meantime I am "tethered" to the wall if I want to use it.  I guess it could be worse.  New Laptop Battery, $40 on Visa.......

Then our toilet had been acting up and when I got my water bill, decided it was time to call a plumber.  Luckily it wasn't terrible, they were able to fix it and I figure that what I save in water and sewer bills will pay for the repair in about a year.  I probably could have fixed it myself, but it's January and quite frankly, I didn't feel like messing with it.  Toilet repair, $86 on Visa.......

About a month ago I was driving our Honda Accord and the "Side airbag" dummy light came on.  I wasn't super concerned about it, and it went out.  Last week while I was out running errands it came on again--flashed on and off, went out, then came on and was permanently on.  Crap!  Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands and it never came on which I thought was really strange.  When I got home I plugged in the laptop (ha ha) and decided to do a search on 2002 Honda Accord Side Airbag--and about fainted when I saw the search results!  Apparently this is a common problem due to the placement of the sensor in the passenger seat, and can be set off by a cell phone, a purse, a person moving around in the seat--and in some instances nothing at all.  Screw that, if it comes on again, I'll just stick a piece of electrical tape over the light.  Price of being able to do my own research on the internet--Priceless!!!

Last night while we were watching TV, the hubby noticed these pieces of black stuff on the carpet.  I picked one up and it was hard and rubbery.  My first thought was my shoes--and I was right.  Pieces of the side were breaking off.  They are eight years old, not exactly new, and they have been to England and Ireland, so they are well traveled shoes. However, the heel breaking away wasn't all that was wrong.  I turned them over and boy was I surprised--
Yup, there is a hole right smack in the middle of my shoe!  I'm surprised I haven't had wet feet from it, and I haven't a clue how it happened.  Into the garbage, I didn't pay enough for them to make it worth my time to have them repaired, not sure they could anyhow.  This is the second pair of shoes to come apart in a couple of months, hubby told me perhaps I should go through my closet and check the rest of them--gee thanks!
I really can't complain too much.  I've been doing very well with my Ebay sales, I've shipped 10 items so far.  That's 10 fewer things in my house and cash in my pocket.  However, it would be 12 fewer things if I would just get paid for 2 of the things that sold.  You have no idea how annoyed I get with that.   I remember having this problem when I sold on Ebay before.  I don't get it, it's not like someone is holding a gun to your head saying "you must bid on that item!"  Anyone who knows me well though knows that I am a complete bitch when it comes like stuff to this and I will report them.  If you can't pay for it, don't bid, very simple concept.
I think back to a comment a former boss of mine used to make when this kind of stuff happened over and over.  He called it "the perverted Midas touch".  Instead of everything you touch turning to gold, it turns to shit.  I definitely think I have it.  I'm just glad January is almost over.

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