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Friday, January 11, 2013

Laundry Strike!!!!!

No, it's not quite as bad as it sounds......I'm not a disgruntled homemaker who has decided to punish those in my household.  Laundry strike actually has a true purpose around here.  The origins of laundry strike go back to the early days of my marriage, sort of a "dare"  to see just how many days I could go without wearing the same outfit twice.  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that it was about a month, although I had some rather interesting combinations towards the end.

Nowadays laundry strike has a totally different purpose--to aid in the clean out of closets, freshen up items not frequently used and for re-organization.  A group of items is not washed until all of that item is used (or at least close)--for example, we don't have as many blue jeans as we do other clothing items, so that is usually one of the first items to be washed and actually may be washed several times before laundry strike is officially over. 

This laundry strike is an all-out "everything goes" type strike--nothing is spared, linens, towels, clothing, etc.  I'm actually in the wash and put away stage for several categories.  It has proven useful, last weekend we went through ALL of the the drawers of both dressers and cleaned out--much easier when only a small portion of items are in them than when they are full.  And the main idea is that usually those items left at the bottom are less liked items which are much more expendable.  Those usually end up in the trash, donated or sold/consigned. 

Statistics show that most of us only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time--which means that most of us have way more clothing than what we need.  Laundry strike is a great way to go through all of this stuff and really evaluate what is to be kept and what is to go.  The best time of year for a laundry strike (provided one has the space) is as the seasons are starting to change because you are more likely to be wearing items back and forth from both seasons.  For those who maybe don't have the space, I find this idea to be valuable--take all of your hangers and turn them around backwards.  First off, it makes you think about what you are grabbing because it is more difficult to remove from your closet.  Then when you do laundry, the items that you have washed, hang them the normal way.  After several months, go through the items that are still reversed and determine if they are worth keeping or not. 

Go ahead, give it a try--you might be surprised!  I do this a couple times throughout the year and have found that our closets don't get nearly as cluttered as they used to.  I make regular trips to the donation bins and the consignment store, and I rarely have those "I don't have a thing to wear" days.  Now that I am not working, my wardrobe has changed somewhat and I did make a conscious effort the last year to not accumulate anymore items that were strictly office wear.  My goal now is to make it so that I can hang ALL of my clothing in my closet and get rid of the two bins I have for off season clothing.  I AM GOING TO DO IT!!!

Word of caution--you will know that you have let it go too long (or have way too many clothes) when you decide to throw them all to the laundry room at once to wash--and the dog won't go to the basement because she is afraid of the pile! 

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