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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 already, that year sure went by fast!  It was a definite year of many changes for us and for several family and friends.  Some positive, some negative, but life would be boring if it weren't for the periodic challenge, wouldn't it?  We spent our New Years Eve at home eating junk food, watching TV and sleeping--exciting, aren't we?

I didn't do much during that week between Christmas and New Years other than get caught up on stuff that got behind.  I didn't even do much in the way of after Christmas sale shopping--I did try to buy some wrapping paper at Kmart, but they didn't have any left of the ones I liked, guess it wasn't meant to be.  I did luck out at TJ Maxx and found a set of three pairs of pearl earrings in various shades on clearance, I had been wanting a set of cream and/or pink--got both and another pair that I used as the finishing piece for a birthday gift.  I also made a run to the local thrift store, not the greatest trip there, but I did find this lovely brand new argyle sweater for $2-yay!  Did I say I love argyle?  ;)
Now that the holiday is over with, I can share my sewing project on my blog--I made these neat scarves, before it was over with I had made 19 of them to use as gifts and for us to use as well.  I have a couple left over, I'm thinking I might put them on Etsy to sell.  They are so nice and warm--thank you to Sock Monkey for modeling the one I made for myself!

The instructions came from the Sewing With Nancy website, I had seen the PBS episode where she made one and several other nice fleece items and I thought they would make great gifts.  They work up very fast too, very easy to come up with a system for doing mass quantities of them. 
I unburied my sewing machine table and yesterday set out to make something I had been thinking about for weeks--a soft cover for my Nook!  I have a nice leather cover for it that makes it like a book, but it does weigh a lot, so I wanted something lighter weight for when I travel. 

Recognize the fabric?  Yup, it's leftovers from a project I shared several months ago.  I did make a few minor mistakes, but it was a learning experience the whole way around, and it serves it's purpose.  I also got the opportunity to use one of the built in stitches in my sewing machine for a little bit of trim work:
I am hoping 2013 will be a good year to do a lot of sewing, I have quite a few projects in mind! 
Instructions for the scarf:  http://video.wpt2.org/video/2174526088
I used the basic dimensions from these instructions for the Nook cover, but then changed it to suit my needs:  http://littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com/2011/02/how-to-sew-nook-or-kindle-case-tutorial.html

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