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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 Years Ago.....

A friend of a friend is getting ready to go on her first trip to Ireland, so she has been asking a lot of questions.  After answering some of them, it dawned on me that it has been almost 10 years since our first trip there--wow!  Where did that time go? 

In the spirit of reflection and the fact that St. Patrick's Day is not that far off, I thought it might be fun to share some pictures and memories of that trip, and maybe some of the other two that we made.  It is a beautiful country with wonderful people, I'm ready to go back!  This post will be a "teaser" post with some pictures but little commentary--I will add to it over the coming weeks with more in depth goodies from that first trip.  Enjoy! 

Kylemore Abbey, one of the most photographed sites in Ireland

 Cottage ruins, left in honor of those who fled during the famine.
A beautiful newer Irish cottage, typical of the Western parts of Ireland.
Dunguaire Castle
Kilkea Castle, our home away from home for 2 nights!
The Waterford Crystal Ball, one of two made for the Millenium ball drop in Times Square, New York.  (an heir and a spare, just in case!)
The lake at the Guinness estate.
Stay tuned--more to come later!

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Gwen said...

Um, will I fit in your suitcase if you go back? How beautiful!