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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Corner Cupboard

You know, that one in the corner of the kitchen cabinets that goes to infinity--the one that if a small child crawled in there too far, they might actually end up in Narnia?  I personally think these should be made illegal.  I had one in the kitchen in our other house and hated it, and I actually think this one is worse. 

I've always used this cupboard for stuff that I don't use often.  With the holidays coming, I need my disposable plates/cups/silverware handy.  I know that doesn't sound very classy, but with a group of young children coming who are in that age group of heavy duty rambunctiousness, I'm not about to put my good china at risk.  Chinette it is!  Guess where all of this stuff is????  Yeah, you guessed right, and I figure since I'm in there already, I might as well clean it out. 

I've already found two bags of Ziploc bags I didn't know I had as well as a bunch of Tupperware I'd completely forgotten about!  I think I need to start a spring yard sale box right now, all those Lands' End boxes sitting in my craft room were kept for a reason.  The one Tupperware bowl was not fun to get out, it was clear back in the Narnia door region, and even with my long arms I couldn't get it.  Thank heavens for long handled kitchen tongs and a yard stick.  I'm just glad no one was watching.

When I was a kid, our neighbors had a really cool corner cupboard.  It was a rotating cupboard, even the door spun around, she used it for boxed items, mainly cereal (they sure had a lot of cereal at that house!) and stuff like Bisquick, rice, etc.  I always thought it was the neatest thing, and loved when I would go over there early in the morning and Mark and I would raid it for cereal.  As an adult though, I couldn't help but think what a nightmare it must have been if something fell off the rotating thing in the back.  Hmmmm..........maybe that's what the people in Narnia eat?

Back to work......and this really qualifies as work.  At least to me it does.  But I will be glad when it is done, and I think I'm going to have a fairly full box of stuff for my yard sale.  Anyone need some Tupperware?  Or a salad spinner? (I have two)  How about a mandoline that I didn't like?  Come on, you know you need it!


homeschoolmama said...

lol... I just climbed into my Narnia cupboard last week too! Even with decluttering it about every 6 months I STILL came up with a whole bag of things we no longer needed!

I'm beginning to suspect that cupboard to be a bit like the lonely-sock bag, in that when nobody's looking everything reproduces!!!

Gwen said...

I've thought about buying a mandoline. LOL

The corner cabinet here shuts off the others and is indeed a corner cabinet. I still hate it even though it's not one that goes on forever. I can't figure out what should truly go in there, so it's got stuff I rarely use in the back and my Ninja in the front. Then the bottom shelf has pill bottles that have escaped the medicine cabinet.

I'm not sure what I'd like if I designed my own kitchen. How do you avoid that corner cabinet? Open shelves in that area? Hmmm...

Flo said...

I can send you mine LOL

When we had the cabinets installed in our family room at our other house, I got a corner one that was on an angle instead of being squared. It also had a different type of door on it, so you didn't have that issue. Mine came with the turntable thing, but we didn't really need that, so I removed it. I would have liked it better with shelves in it. Even so, it was a huge improvement over this style!