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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Memories of Christmas 2012

Christmas has passed, 365 days till another!  I am exhausted, 2 days of playing hostess and not enough sleep has caught up with me.  Fortunately I have no big plans for the next two days and we are under blizzard/winter storm warnings with 8 - 12 inches of snow expected--eeeek!  I made sure I ran to the store to get the few things I needed this morning so I can just hunker down and look out the window--although I did just come in from shoveling and salting a bit.  I am so not ready for this.  I think it is time to catch up on sleep.

Laney had a great Christmas, she is definitely one spoiled dog.  Here she is with a big blob of pumpkin fluff on her nose, she is my official taste tester around here.  I was laughing so hard at her I had a hard time getting a good picture, she had it all over her whiskers, chin and nose.
After all that taste testing, it was time to relax a little before everyone got here.  Poor Laney, she is not used to having a lot of people around and doesn't really care for it much, and the kids just want to hug and kiss her.  She got through the night okay though, but I knew she was stressing when she didn't even want the carrot stick someone offered her.
She must have been a very good dog this year, Santa Paws was very generous--she even got her very own Lands End tote with her name on!  It will come in very handy for when she goes to the kennel or travels with us.  Lots of treats and chewies too!

One of the things I had on my menu for Christmas day was baked potatoes.  I quickly grabbed a 5 pound bag of baking potatoes on my last trip to Aldi, not paying attention.  When I got home, I discovered that my bag of potatoes had all of 5 potatoes in it!  They were absolutely huge, and I debated on whether I should still bake them or turn them in to something else, but after 2 1/2 hours in the oven, they were delicious!  That is my hand in the picture to give you a reference point--and I have very long fingers, from my wrist to the tip of my middle finger is 7 - 7 1/2 inches!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Now time to look forward to the New Year.  

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