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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ho ho ho!

How is everyone's holiday decorating coming along?  I finished mine up the end of last week, but I didn't do as much as I have done in past years.  I am weeding out stuff as I go, it was time for some rotation of decorations.  I've also made a couple of things the past two years that I really like, and they weren't all that complicated.  Those all made the "cut" this year.

The first thing was this wreath, my only regret was that I made the parts by hand, my fingers were killing me by the time it was over with from all that folding back and forth. 

I had a lot of decent sized scraps from making the wreath, so I made this bell pull.  I used my Sizzix Top Note die to cut them out which made it super easy, and cut the letters out using my Slice cutting system.  Before cutting each of the squares out, I backed the paper with poster board, giving them just the perfect weight and stiffness.  I thought it turned out very nice.
Last year I decided to make some of the paper wreaths for gifts--luckily a friend of mine bought me a template for cutting out all the parts, complete with scoring for all the folds which saved my fingers!  I did them in two different color schemes, not sure which one I liked better when I was done, but I ended up keeping one of the blue ones for myself.

My other favorite decorations are the Lands' End needlepoint stockings that I bought last year.  I had been drooling over those for quite a few years, and they ran a terrific sale on them just before Christmas so I couldn't resist.
We have a small tree, and this year I decided to do some careful selecting of what I put on it.  If it related to a trip we had been on, a significant event, or was a gift from a friend, I used it on our tree.  This is an ornament I received as a gift last year from a fellow "Words With Friends" addict--I just love it, and it was so appropriate since we have now been playing steadily for just over 2 years straight!
Merry Christmas!

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homeschoolmama said...

Oooh! Love the wreath & bell pull! They look so festive! :)