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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Making Christmas......"

I've been debating all week on whether or not to start decorating.  In the past I've always decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving, but with the way the dates fell this year and the fact that I'm not working and not up against the clock has me thinking otherwise.  Maybe later today I will go down and dig around and see what I can do easily.   Ha ha!

One of the reporters from our local TV station's morning show has been doing a segment called "Pinterest Pass or Fail".  She takes a couple of the things that she has pinned and tries them out, then reports on whether they worked or not.  This week wasn't a good one, two of the three things she made failed, but the one that passed was really too cute--so cute that I had to try it myself.

It really was a simple idea, and truthfully as easy to do as it sounded.  Take a clear vase (I suppose you could use a colored one in red or green), put a rubber band around it (in my case I couldn't find a rubber band the right size, so I just used elastic) and tuck candy canes the whole way around under the elastic.  Once finished, tie a ribbon around it to disguise the elastic--voila!  The original idea looks like this:

I just happened to have a clear tall hurricane that I used, and instead of putting flowers in it, I put in a flameless candle with a timer.
I think it turned out great, and I will probably encourage my guests over Christmas and New Years to help themselves--it took almost 4 boxes of candy canes which turns out to about 36.  I suppose I could freeze them to save for NEXT Christmas and make peppermint bark.    One bit of advice I have is to put a plate underneath it, it is rather difficult to move in it's current state, I'm going to dig around and see what I have that will work under it.
Earlier this week I decided to make a run to Pittsburgh to Red White and Blue, I haven't been there since I found the wonderful argyle sweater.  I found a couple of really great items for both me and the hubby, I should be good until the spring thaw.  Afterwards I decided to go to the LLBean store at the Ross Park Mall--it's only been open for four years!  I just rarely go to that part of town anymore, but wanted to check out a couple of things.  I picked up some fun stuff:
I had been wanting some really good maple syrup and when I saw the bear, I couldn't resist.  He may be the extent of my holiday decorating in the kitchen! 


homeschoolmama said...

I LOVE your version of the candy cane candle! I've been considering doing this, but wasn't sure how it would turn out with a hurricane vase taller than the canes - now I know! Thanks!!!

Gwen said...

Oh, the bear is adorable! I was just over by the LLBean here and opted NOT to go in. Should have! LOL

I love your candy cane candle! I bought a ton of candy canes last year at Target after Christmas. We still have just a few of the little ones left! LOL I didn't put them any place special and they were ok.