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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's talk about SOCKS

I hate buying socks.  I have large feet, size 10, and unfortunately live in a world where things are more geared towards people with a size 8.  I get tired of buying socks that are a wrestling match to get on, or wear out because they are stretched too far.  Luckily for the last 13 years I haven't had to have a lot of them because I wore mostly knee high type hose to work, socks were mostly a weekend thing, or when my feet were really cold.

My favorite socks developed a hole in them the last time I wore them, so I decided it was time to look for some new ones.  I happened to think of it while at TJMaxx, and figured they would have a good selection.  One thing I like in a pair of socks is a lot of stretch, I broke my ankle a few years ago and in the process of doing so I managed to tear the ligament as well, and the size of my foot can vary from day to day.  I don't like thick socks either, they tend to rub raw spots on my feet.  I probably looked at 10 or so different brands when I came across these:

They are made by Ralph Lauren and at $6.99 per two pair, not a bad price.  And they are wonderful!  Perfect amount of stretch, not sized itty bitty to begin with, and the fabric content is just right to keep your feet warm without making them sweat.  I liked them so much I went and bought another two pair in grey, one argyle and one plain.  I put these on my Christmas list as well, one can never have too many socks.  Perhaps you know someone on your Christmas list that would like them too!  

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Gwen said...

I would like a few nice pairs of plain BROWN socks. I can't find them. Maybe I'm just boring, but why do plain socks only come in men's socks? Why do women's have to have snowflakes and leaves on them? I don't get it. LOL

I haven't looked at TJMaxx, maybe I should.

I did see a few pair of nice socks at LLBean last week, but I refuse to pay $18 for one pair of socks!