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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving--where has the year gone?  I'm working on all my pre-turkey day cooking.  Last night after a discussion with my husband, I decided to make my stuffing today instead.  Truthfully, it is the most time consuming part of preparing thanksgiving dinner, even more so than the turkey.  We both agreed that stuffing is one of those things that is better the second day, so it just makes sense.  This afternoon I will be making desserts so tomorrow all I have to do is the turkey and all the last minute stuff.

Anyone heading out for Black Friday shopping?  Not me!  I spent too many years working in retail and it ruined the whole shopping experience for me.  I will be asleep in my nice warm bed instead of worrying about getting trampled.  I guess I'm just too practical.    As cheap as I am, I just am not in to it. 

To all of my friends, family and blog readers--HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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Gwen said...

We went to Best Buy to pick up a laptop that I ordered on Wednesday. No early morning or midnight shopping for us. I was sleeping peacefully then.