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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Yesterday was one of those days that just seemed doomed.  Fortunately it didn't start until after lunch, or I may have just gone back to bed.  I went to the grocery store to get milk--I only had $2 and some change on me and intended to use my ATM card to pay for it along with getting some extra cash--NOT!  When I approached the front door, I noticed a sign that said "CASH ONLY".  Apparently there was a large outage of the electronic payment systems in this area, not only was theirs not working but also the store next door and the girl told me that she had someone come in who had just been in Ohio earlier and had the same problem.  So I drove to the bank and got some money and went back to get my milk.  All this running around for a gallon of milk.

After I got home I wanted to watch a little TV and then I was going to get back to working on my Christmas card project.  The karma gods had different ideas.  The mail came early, and that probably wasn't a good thing.  I've never been so annoyed by an entire mail delivery in my whole life.  My Lands End order came--three of the four items didn't fit, one was too big, the other too small.  My missing credit card statement was there finally with black marker scratching out all kinds of bar codes which tells me it was yet another USPS error--don't get me started.  The check I have been looking for all week STILL wasn't there--time to make a phone call.  And then the explanation of benefits from our health insurance put me over the edge.  I'm sure my face was bright red by the time I was done with all of this.

The check that I haven't received is an insurance reimbursement which I submitted a week and a half ago.  I decided to call--apparently the fax didn't go through, even though the hubby had received confirmation it had.  Grrr.......  Easy enough to fix, I will resubmit.  The explanation of benefits though, I was furious about.  I had a doctors appointment earlier this month and they submitted it to the wrong insurance!  I called our insurance company and they can't help me, I have to call the doctors office and of course being Friday, they closed early.  I made a few comments about people not being able to do their jobs, blah blah blah.  The girl on the line agreed with me LOL!  If I hadn't gone over with the office that our insurance had changed and they hadn't made a copy of my card, I probably wouldn't be so annoyed, but good grief!  I know what I will be doing Monday morning, Grrrrr.........................

So it's Saturday and I'm just hanging out while Lee and Laney have a good sleep in session.  Laney is getting a bath today, I know she won't be happy about it, but she is way overdue.  I love it afterwards, she is so soft and fluffy and smells good too.  Today is the perfect day to do it too, not too cold so she won't get chilled if she needs to go outside, but not too warm so the furnace will run off and on and she should dry quickly.  With shelties you have to be careful to make sure they dry thoroughly, their hair can become matted when it is wet and mold--ewww!  Tonight we are going to a thanksgiving dinner at a local church and the rest of the day is up in the air.  At least today shouldn't be as frustrating as yesterday was!  Have a great weekend all!

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