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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Busy busy!

Thought I would share a couple of little things I was working on last week.  I feel good that I got some projects that have been sitting around off my "to do" list.

A couple of years ago I went to the LL Bean outlet that used to be at the Potomac Mills Mall in Virginia--I don't think it is there anymore.  It was a true outlet store, selling discontinued items and with a whole section of what I refer to as "oops!" kind of items.  They were mostly items that something had gone wrong in the monogramming process, but if you didn't mind something with someone else's initials on, you could save a ton of money.  And you might just luck out and find someone with your initials!

I bought this wonderful large tote when we were there.  I purposely dug around to find one with the least gawdy monogram.  I had very carefully picked out the monogram with a seam ripper, but there was still some damage to the area where it had been.  It has been sitting around for a while waiting for me to do something with it, and last week I decided to go to Joann's and see what I could come up with.  I found this beautiful iron on embroidered butterfly--perfect!  I think it looks really nice, unfortunately as I was getting it ready to iron, it moved a little, so it isn't perfectly centered, but oh well, it still looks tons better than it did before.

My next project was this tote that I got for all of $5 at DisneyWorld a few years ago.  It is really a nice tote, but I feel like a walking advertisement when I use it.....hmmmmm..........after thinking about it, I decided I would iron on some fabric and ribbon to cover up the logo.  I think it turned out really cute.
Last was a Healthy Back Bag that I got on the same trip to the LL Bean outlet that the other tote came from.  This one was a little bit more of a challenge, I couldn't use anything that was iron on since it was more of a nylon material and I was afraid it might melt.  All of a sudden the idea popped into my head--ribbon!  There is no shortage of ribbon at my house either, so I went to my crafting stash and found the perfect thing.  A few minutes at the sewing machine and voila!
Before picture of monogram--I had picked out most of it, but that last bit just wouldn't cooperate at all.
And afterwards:

I think it turned out really cute, and I used some of my massive ribbon stash :)

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