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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day Three Cont.--Some favorite pics

I took close to 300 pictures at the Balloon Fiesta, certainly not enough time or space to share them all here, and kind of like the bad vacation slide show after a while.  I decided I would end my posts about the Balloon Fiesta with a couple of our favorite balloons and shots.

I had this one made into a canvas print for my living room, the colors were so intense and I loved that the pilot decided at that very moment to turn on the flame.

This is one of my other favorites that I had enlarged, now I just need to get it in a frame and hung.  I also used it for the cover of my photo book I had made. 
This was probably my favorite balloon of a standard type, I just loved the colors and the light was absolutely perfect when I went to take this photo.   I also had it enlarged, another one to frame!  I am going to be busy. 
I thought this one was fun because they look so tiny, almost like some kids had released some balloons into the air.  At one point we tried to count how many we could see just standing in one place and it was just too hard to do, so we quit. 
Just an amazing day, we hope to go again sometime.  We never did hear an official count as to how many took off that day, the original number we heard could be between 500 and 700--wow!!


Pippa Sheltie said...

Shelties should have hot air balloons.
from Pippa

Gwen said...

I love your photos... I want to go there someday just for photos! LOL