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Sunday, April 17, 2011


We spent a long weekend at the end of March in New York City. BRRR!!!!!! When we planned our trip, we thought it would at least be a little warmer. Can you say "arctic blast"? I've been to NYC in February and it wasn't that cold. But we made the best of it.

First--the disappointments. There were two--Chinatown and the World Trade Center site. Chinatown has just gotten ridiculous, I used to love to go there to see the fun little items and so forth. Now it has turned in to fake city. Every booth is nothing but fake name brand merchandise, which could be fun--except they all sell identical merchandise!! I want to see different items from stall to stall, not the same necklace over and over and over and over............you get the idea. Then there are the ladies who stand around and practically acost anyone who looks remotely like a tourist, trying to sell you a purse. I'm not about to follow a complete stranger to an alley where you knock on a secret door to get in to begin with, but I don't want a fake bag. They are junk (I've had my fair share) and then if you don't buy something, you get hassled by an angry Asian person. Not exactly my idea of a good time. We did buy a scarf for me and Lee bought a fun hat, but not the fun Chinatown experience I remember it being.

The World Trade Center site is just a waste of time. I'm shocked at how little they have managed to get done, considering it has been almost 10 years. And then there are the protesters, and I've never seen so many police in one place in NYC EVER. We both decided it was a waste of a subway fare and our time to even go there, but now we have it out of our system.

One of our favorite things about NYC is the variety of food available. We ate at a couple of neat places--E J's Luncheonette (Lee said it was one of the best Caesar salads he'd ever had), J G Melons for burgers (Bobby Flay's godfather is a co-owner and he apparently has talked it up many times on various Food Network shows) and then a place called Southern Hospitality which is co-owned by Justin Timberlake. However, the best food we had was at a place that I haven't a clue what it was called--a big thing in NYC is for these small grocery stores to have these huge hot buffets where you pay according to the weight of what you put in the container. We discovered these a couple of years ago, and I said if we came across another, we were eating there. Imagine how pleased I was as we were leaving Bloomingdale's and heading for 5th avenue to discover one :)



My lunch is the one on the top, Lee's is on the bottom. Let me just say that they were both yummy, and way cheaper than anywhere else we ate the entire weekend. MMMMMM!!!!

More on NYC later!