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Monday, March 14, 2011

Top Tens

I’ve been thinking about different things that have changed since our move. Some good, some not so good (althought that list seems to be MUCH smaller). In David Letterman style, I decided to share some of those things:

Top Ten Things I Miss From Our Old House
1. Wildlife. I really miss looking out our back window and seeing deer, turkeys, an occasional fox, and the infamous bird feeder raiding bear
2. New snow first thing in the morning. So pretty on all those trees
3. My big garage. I have not enjoyed scraping snow, especially after the winter we’ve had
4. Alll those kitchen cupboards. Say no more.
5. My 15 minute drive to work. Hopefully the new drive won’t be forever when I find something closer
6. The light in all those big windows. Certain times of day it hit just right (particularly in the kitchen) and I have lots of memories of that for some reason.
7. My front loading washing machine (when it worked). I could do huge loads of laundry, and not even think about it. Darned thing broke just a couple of months before we moved, and I wasn’t about to spend that much money on another one after that experience.
8. My family room. I had carte blanche when we redid it to do what I wanted with it, and I was so pleased at how it turned out. More of those big windows to miss too.
9. A front porch. Probably the only thing about the new house that really bothered me since it doesn’t have one! Might have to fix that 
10. The smell of clover in bloom. But I can drive somewhere to smell it if I really need to.

Top Ten Things I Don’t Miss From Our Old House
1. Birds. Because we bought new bird feeders at the new house and we are getting some reasonable amount of traffic now that they have discovered it. Anxious to see if the blue birds we saw after we moved in are back, something we could never get before.
2. The snow when we had to shovel it. Way too much driveway!
3. This is kind of gross, but not having to worry about being able to flush the toilet when there is too much water in the ground.
4. Not having to drive 15 minutes just to get milk (or pop, or pizza, or anything else for that matter). I’m there and back in the time it would have taken me just to get there now.
5. The great big yard. Sure it was pretty and all, but lots of work. I’ll be glad when it is sold and we don’t even have to mow it anymore.
6. Cleaning the house. It was big—too big for just two people and was a bear to clean. Definitely a huge improvement.
7. Having to walk to the mailbox to get the mail. And the spider that hung out in it! I really like just reaching out my front door!
8. Only having one bathroom. Not that we need that second one all that often, but once in a while it does come in handy!
9. The yucky basement. Loving having a finished one.

And the top ten thing I don’t miss about our old house—

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