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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little Boots

Aren't these little boots cute????


Laney doesn't think so. The last two winters have been a struggle getting her to go outside to potty when it's really cold, her paws get cold and she gives up and just sits. I decided that maybe some doggie boots would help, so a couple of months ago when we were at the pet store, I picked up a set of four of these. I had wanted to put them on her a couple of times so she could get used to them, but winter came along way too quick, and we didn't have much of a chance. This morning I thought I would at least put the front two on her and see how she did.

I wish I would have had my video camera ready, I wasn't prepared for how funny it was going to be. The $20 we paid for the boots was worth the entertainment. She looked like a Lippizan stallion, prancing around with them on, and you could tell she wasn't happy. Good thing I didn't put all four on! Lee finally took her outside and when he wasn't paying attention, she managed to get one of them off and buried it in the snow. I guess her thinking was that we wouldn't find it until the spring thaw after dad had run it over with the lawn mower, and then, too late, so sad. Lee discoverd it and dug it out, we set it in front of a heater vent to dry and she tried to steal it and run off to her crate with it. They are now sitting on my craft desk! She definitely provided both of us with a good laugh this morning if nothing else.

Here is a picture I took of her last week, watching the snow and her "Uncle Mike" across the street snow blowing his driveway. So much for this snow "bunny"!


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