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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Road Trip!

Everything is finally starting to calm down, got my mom out of the hospital and in to her apartment--big accomplishment! She is doing much better and likes her new place very much, unfortunately she isn't as mobile as she would like to be so she's not getting out to meet her new neighbors, but as her foot heals, she thinks she is going to have a lot of fun.

We managed to get in a 3 day road trip too, the main purpose of the trip was to see how Laney would do. One of the main things when we were deciding on a breed was size and portability because we really wanted to be able to travel with whatever dog we chose. We had managed a ride of two hours without any problems, so we were hoping we would be fine for something longer, so we rented a cabin about 5 hours away. She passed with flying colors and had a great time. Here is a picture of our home away from home:

We had a nice three days away from all the stress and so forth at home, doesn't Laney look like she's having a good time? She got a lot of walkies in, she was one tired little girl when we got back home!


On our way home we took a little side trip to Mill Run, where Fallingwater is, but also home to a small wind farm. I was thrilled at just how up close and personal we could get to them. Don't the cows look thrilled?



This particular wind farm has 10 turbines, all in the middle of a field. We shut the car off to see if we could hear anything and all that we heard was a faint "woosh" from them. I don't quite understand how anyone can find anything wrong with these, it certainly beats the alternative ways to generate electricity that put off all kinds of pollution and other environmental issues. After doing further research, I found out about another windfarm in West Virginia--with 44 turbines!! Time for another road trip ;)


Bonnie said...

What a gorgeous place - glad you had a nice getaway. It's fun to travel with your pet, while Maggie doesn't really love the car - she always loves the destination!!

Cool pics of the wind machines ... my only question is what about the energy needed to make those big things? I saw a blade once being transported down the highway and it was HUGE ...

Flo said...

Interestingly enough, the stats I've read on them say that the energy produced in just several months offsets all the construction costs! This little group of 10 creates enough energy to power several thousand homes.