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Monday, October 19, 2009

One Year Ago....

Last year about this time, things were really yucky around here. Hard to believe how much things changed since then. We were ready to leave for our vacation/20th anniversary celebration at Disneyworld when I took a nasty fall, hitting my knee really hard and scraping it up. Funny part was the knee wasn't really the issue, but I didn't know that until I'd walked around every park at Disney and got home, and my foot started turning interesting shades of black and blue--after a trip to the doctor, discovered I also had sprained my ankle and stretched the tendons/ligaments out as far as possible without tearing anything--eeeekk!!! I hobbled around as best I could for several more months as it healed, but it wasn't pleasant.

Right after we got home was when we realized how sick Gilligan was, what an awful decision to have to face right after coming home from vacation. I still miss him terribly, but I know that what we had to do was for the best. A year later and it still makes me cry.

Then we had the whole sick puppy/Christmas/basement full of water fiasco. Throw in some of the worst winter weather we'd had in ages and stir--yuck, yuck, yuck. Finally, somewhere in the new year things finally started to turn around at long last, and overall it's been a pretty good year. Found my fun little car, went on an awesome vacation (the first we've taken in the summer in years!), got a lot of odds and ends done on the house, the Steelers won the Superbowl and numerous other little things. Sure, there were bumps in the road, but it seems to have all worked out. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays calm. As I often say, boring is good. I'll take a whole lot of boring right about now.

The weather folks are predicting a much gentler winter for us. I sure hope they are right, my arthritis doesn't deal with it very well. We're not off to a very good start, we've had snow already (EEEK!) but it didn't hang around. Still thinking I would like to move to a warmer climate though. I guess we'll just have to wait and see............

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