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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Spring!

I've been terrible about keeping up with the blog, if it weren't for Laney it might never get done! It's been a busy couple of weeks, and then when I did try to get in on our main computer, it wouldn't let me, so a little more time went by.

Laney is still growing, but when I had her at the vets a couple of weeks ago, he said that she is just about done, if she grows much more we won't really notice it all that much. She's 15 pounds now and he said that she's just right for her size. Now the challenge will be keeping her from getting fat since she's a little eating machine.

She got to meet a dog cousin two weeks ago when we went to my brother's house, my nephew and his girlfriend were there with their Japanese Chin, Maddox. Laney wasn't sure what to think, Maddox just wanted to be friends. They did manage to stay close enough together long enough for me to get a pic of them with Lee. Let me just say that she was tired after all the excitement of visiting a new house and a new friend and slept the whole way home!(a 35 minute ride)

Laney with Lee and Maddox

Laney turned 9 months old on Mother's Day. It's hard to believe that she's almost a year old, and even harder to believe that she's been with us now for 5 months. Time sure does fly by!

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