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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Relief in Sight

Still cold here and supposed to be that way most of the coming week, but there is an end in sight. At least this week is supposed to be in the 20's instead of the teens or single digits and by next week the 30-40 range. I hope that's how it happens too because if we have anything higher and all that snow melts all at one time, we could have serious flooding problems in the area. The weatherman said the other day that an average winter for this area is about 29 inches of snow and we have already received 56 inches and there is still technically two months of winter left!

Laney had a big week, she FINALLY got to meet Lee's mom and dad--she had a lot of fun playing with her grandma and grandpap. We went on Tuesday for dad's birthday and then again this morning when we went to get the Sunday paper, took some donuts with us and had a nice little visit. I think they really miss having a dog around, but not enough to go and get another one. This falls under the same category as grandchildren--fun to have visit, but nice to be able to send home ;)

She also lost several teeth this week, we must be at the peak. She even lost one in Grandma's slipper, she discovered it when she went to wear them--OUCH! She's also learning to sit, I think we need to add something else to her repetoire because she's getting bored with it and a little grumpy when you keep asking her to do it. I think if we had something to alternate it with, she'd be a little more enthusiastic.

Here are some recent pics, she is growing way too fast.

Hoping next week to extend her ride in the car time to a half hour, perhaps we will go visit Aunt Susan and Uncle Randy and let her meet some cats!

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