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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Winter of Our Discontent

This has been a bad winter, probably one of the worst in the past few years. All the problems that go along with it make it that much worse too, Lee fell this past week while taking Laney outside, I darned near got my car stuck in the driveway and now this morning we discover water dripping in around the window in the family room because of ice backup. Just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't do any serious damage. We noticed while investigating that mess that some of our raingutters are gradually coming off too, fortunately that is something we were planning on replacing in the spring or summer anyhow. Ah, the joys of homeownership.

As a kid I was a snow bunny--my friends and I lived to be outside doing something, anything in the snow. Sledding was the most common activity as we live in an area with a decent amount of hills. One of my favorite memories is the day my friends Paul and Brenda and I, inspired by watching way too much Olympic coverage, decided to see if we could ride one of our runner style sleds the whole way down into the village, all three of us on the same sled. I guess we'd watched a bit more of the luge and bobsled competitions than was healthy. We started just a little past my house and one by one, each of us jumped on and we managed to ride about 1/4 mile down the road before we couldn't go any further. By the time we walked back up the hill on the slick road, we were too tired to try it again, but we were proud of the fact that we did it. I was really surprised a couple of months after Paul's tragic death, talking to his widow about some of the crazy things we had done as kids and she brought this whole thing up, apparently he'd told the story to his own kids and remembered it as well as I did. Funny the things that stick with you.

Another good memory I have involved the neighborhood kids after what was probably one of the worst snow storms this area has ever seen. The winter of 1977-78 was a really bad one, makes this year look like nothing. My mom had always joked that our school district was run by Eskimos as we rarely ever missed a day of school due to bad weather. That particular year we missed at least 5 days. A couple weeks after Christmas my mom took me shopping with the money I'd saved so I could get a new coat. Monday morning came around and she was debating on even sending me, but I insisted I wanted to go so I could show my new coat to my friends. Mom waited with me for the school bus to come (something she NEVER did) and asked the bus driver what he thought about the roads. His comment was "if that was my child, I wouldn't put her on this bus." Needless to say I stayed home, and as it turned out they ended up sending everyone home early anyhow. And then the snow started. It snowed and snowed and snowed--it finally got to the point where the snow plows couldn't even get through anymore and we were literally snowed in. When the snow finally stopped, they had to come in with highlifts to get through it was so deep. Somewhere around here I have a picture of all the neighborhood kids afterwards, sitting on top of this enormous snow mound. We all had a blast, playing in all that snow, while I'm sure our parents grumbled about all the things I grumble about now as an adult. The ride to town that week was very odd, it was like riding in a tunnel made of packed snow.

Yesterday at work someone came in to my office and said that we were possibly in line to get 20 inches of snow early in the week. The thought of that makes me shudder, I don't relish the thought of trying to dig out of all of that, but I couldn't help but have a flashback to the winter of 77-78. Too bad the runner sled was lost when the garage caught fire, but maybe I should have the camera ready just in case Brenda and I get the urge to crawl up on a snow bank........

Friday, January 30, 2009

Enough of this white stuff!!!

Laney here! It's been a yucky week here. Mama and Dad aren't feeling well this week and then to make things even worse, more of that white stuff has come down this week--LOTS more. I used to think it was fun to play in, but now it just gets stuck on my paws and it hurts. Dad always feels bad for me and holds my paws in his hands to try and warm them up, but they are still cold. What happened to that green stuff that used to be on the ground? Will I ever see it again?

I'm working hard on learning sit, just when I think I have it down, I get distracted and forget. I promise I'll try harder.

Over at Joss and Jess's blog, they posted cute pictures of them sleeping and then challenged all their doggy buddies to post their sleeping pictures. Since I'm very careful to never let Mama and Dad catch me sleeping, they don't have any pictures like that, but here's one of me very tired in bed with Dad, and I have control of the remote!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Relief in Sight

Still cold here and supposed to be that way most of the coming week, but there is an end in sight. At least this week is supposed to be in the 20's instead of the teens or single digits and by next week the 30-40 range. I hope that's how it happens too because if we have anything higher and all that snow melts all at one time, we could have serious flooding problems in the area. The weatherman said the other day that an average winter for this area is about 29 inches of snow and we have already received 56 inches and there is still technically two months of winter left!

Laney had a big week, she FINALLY got to meet Lee's mom and dad--she had a lot of fun playing with her grandma and grandpap. We went on Tuesday for dad's birthday and then again this morning when we went to get the Sunday paper, took some donuts with us and had a nice little visit. I think they really miss having a dog around, but not enough to go and get another one. This falls under the same category as grandchildren--fun to have visit, but nice to be able to send home ;)

She also lost several teeth this week, we must be at the peak. She even lost one in Grandma's slipper, she discovered it when she went to wear them--OUCH! She's also learning to sit, I think we need to add something else to her repetoire because she's getting bored with it and a little grumpy when you keep asking her to do it. I think if we had something to alternate it with, she'd be a little more enthusiastic.

Here are some recent pics, she is growing way too fast.

Hoping next week to extend her ride in the car time to a half hour, perhaps we will go visit Aunt Susan and Uncle Randy and let her meet some cats!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's me, Laney again. This time I asked nicely and mom said that I could post so I could show you the pictures she took of me in the snow. We got another 6 inches last night so now I can't get through it at all without help.

Here is dad and I after I did my business. He was nice enough to dig me out a path to get to the poo zone. At the rate it is snowing, he is going to have to dig it out again or no one is going to get to it:

Mom said she wanted a picture of me in the snow, so dad THREW me in to the snowpile!!! I had it up my nose and all over me. Darn him anyhow!

After I got myself all cleaned off, dad and I posed for a picture.

Ways to Annoy a Puppy

This past week has been a trying one to say the least. We've had snow out the wazoo, and the temperatures have been unbelievably cold. It's finally getting back to normal (or at least close) but with all this white stuff on the ground, one tends to get a really bad case of cabin fever.

Poor Laney, she unfortunately is stuck in the house with us and has been our subject of entertainment for the week. First we glued her ears so she looks more like a sheltie than a fox. She was really a good sport about it, but a week later I need to do it again as they've started to come undone and I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing thing as she is teething like crazy, losing two of those big teeth in the back just yesterday. Here's a cute pic of her right after the ear gluing:

When we did get a break in the weather, Lee and I managed to get somewhere for lunch last weekend. We got to the restaurant a little too early and needed to kill some time, so we headed to the nearby pet supply place where I found these adorable little PJ's for Laney, and I thought they were perfect since they had little sheep all over them. However, from the look on her face, I would say that she didn't agree with me :
She forgave me enough to sit with me for this picture yesterday. I guess she's a good sport afterall. Until later today when I glue her ears again.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Two Cents!

Hi, it's me, Laney! When Mama wasn't looking, I decided to take over her computer and post my own stuff on her blog. She hasn't had a whole lot of time to do much on the computer because I keep her busy, but when she does use it, I pay VERY close attention and see, I learned how to use it.

Yesterday she made a big deal out of the fact that I'm 5 months old and she took a whole bunch of pictures of me. I don't mind posing, but by the time it was over with, all I could see were stars. Here are a couple of my personal favorites:




I've been hearing her say something about taking me to puppy skool--I wonder what that is? And that she is going to work on teaching me to sit. And something about gluing my ears? My ears are on my head and I haven't lost them anywhere, so I don't quite understand why she wants to glue my ears.

Yesterday it snowed really, really hard here, Dad said something about 12 - 14 inches. All I know is that it's almost as tall as I am and I can jump in these big piles of it and get completely covered. It's a lot of fun until it gets stuck in my hair--owieeee!!! Thank heavens it melts and then I'm fine. Maybe mom can take some pictures of me playing in it today so I can share those with everyone?!

Uh oh, I think I'd better go, I think I hear her coming and I don't want to get caught. I'll write more later. Now to figure out a way to lay a hint about those snow pictures...............

Miss Laney

Here she is--this picture was taken around Christmas. She's such a good little model ;)


Happy Belated New Year!

Yes, it's been more than a month since I posted last. Let me just say it's been a busy month and one I don't care to repeat anytime soon! (or at least most of it) December is hectic to begin with and with all the monkey wrenches thrown in, it was just a plain out pain in the butt. But it's over with now and I can hopefully sit back and reflect without screaming too loud.

Everything started out okay. We hadn't had a very good start to November if you all remember and most of the rest of the month was spent reflecting and thinking towards the future. It seemed like most of the conversations that Lee and I had were about puppies, what breed, when to get it, who to get it from, etc, etc, etc. I'd been in touch with a lady in New Brighton about sheltie puppies for several weeks, when I discovered that there was someone closer by who actually had a litter for sale immediately. Even though we weren't 100% sure we were ready we decided to go have a look and fell in love immediately with the last puppy she had left, a little girl that we ended up naming Laney. Neither of us were prepared for just how busy a sheltie puppy can be and keep in mind it had been 12 years since we'd gone through puppyhood. All of that energy had us exhausted to begin with. Then the real fun began....

Laney all of a sudden quit eating her food. I wasn't terribly concerned at first since I knew she was teething (she was nearly 4 months old when we got her) and this frequently happens. But slight concern turned to panic when she started vomiting uncontrollably and then had diahrrea. A trip to the vet was in order and it turned out that while she had nothing contagious, she still had to spend the night to get her fluid levels back up to par. The vet decided that it was either a virus or being stressed from the changes involved in a new home and got her all straightened out, but we were two very worried puppy parents at that point. I don't remember the last time I was that tired.

Still on schedule to get Christmas in order, I kept plugging away at things. The weekend before the holiday I had all kinds of plans of things I needed to get done. Friday night I was headed to the basement to do a load of laundry when I made a horrific discovery--5 inches of water in the basement! We'd had some very heavy rains and apparently our drains weren't working right. My nephew David to the rescue with his portable sump pump, but we still had to figure out why it wasn't draining as our furnace, washer/dryer and hot water heater are all in our basement, and I wasn't about to put all that expensive equipment in danger again. We had a company that specializes in drain clogs come out and after two days of playing with it, they came to the conclusion that it was collapsed somewhere and would probably need to be replaced. Okay, fine--but finding someone to do that kind of work the week before Christmas? Next to impossible. And wouldn't you know it, the day before Christmas, torrential rains again, so I ended up staying home from work so I could run up and down the steps every half hour to plug the pump in to keep things from drowning. I hate to think how much water we would have had down there if it weren't for David's little pump! We managed to limp through and in the meantime, a friend of a friend who does drain excavation came and looked at the whole mess and said he would start New Year's Eve. $2800 later we now have a new drain (keep in mind $500 of that is for the wasted work on trying to clean out the darned thing) and a dry basement. Hopefully with this new drain and regular cleanings we won't ever have to deal with all of that again.

Sitting here typing all of this out made me think of what an expensive month it was as well over and beyond the regular Christmas expenses. $300 for the puppy, $100 vet bill, $750 worth of fence for her play area, $400 for decking that needed replaced to the play area, $500 drain not-cleaning bill, $2300 drain replacement--EEK! Merry Christmas to us, I guess I should look at it as doing our part to keep the economy going?!