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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big Damned Bugs

I'm not a bug person. Especially larger bugs. I've got a definite issue with spiders over a certain size, no chance of a tarantula as a pet in this house anytime soon. Rodents I don't give a thought to, in fact I've been known to play with a couple that have gotten in to our house (much to my husband's dismay). Keep those bugs out of here though!

Last week my co-worker Becky comes over to my desk with these two Ziploc bags and says "what do you think these are?" I'm not normally a squeamish person, grew up in dairy farm country, have watched chickens being butchered, have smelled the aroma of organic fertilizer, but when the realization that "they" were two really big bugs hit me, I about gagged on my Rice Krispie cookie. We're not talking big like horse fly big--these things looked like walnut shells with legs. Big, fat, roundish bugs--and then the ultimate, they had egg type things coming out of which Becky told me came out when they stepped on them--oh yuck!!!

I had absolutely no idea what they were, my first thought was a roach of some sort, but too round, then I looked up cicadas, wrong year for this area. I told her to take them to see Fran, another co-worker who gardens a lot. I could hear them discussing them when I heard a scream, and saw the bag airborne. Apparently one of them was still alive after being stepped on AND spending all night in the Ziploc bag, he wiggled a leg. These were bugs to be reckoned with.

We asked around to several people we work with who we thought might have enough expertise to identify them, only to get a lot of "I don't know's". It was time to bring in the big guns. My friend Maureen is very in to gardening and her husband Terry (aka T. C.) is very knowledgeable to the extent of writing a gardening column for the local paper. I decided to call him. I told him we had these large bugs we couldn't identify and I could immediately hear the excitement in is voice. He wanted to know when we would be going to lunch so he could get further details from Becky. These were bugs he wanted to see!

Anyone who watches CSI knows how Grissom is with bugs. This was like having Grissom in person. He played with the bugs, he photographed them, he compared them to pictures in his bug book, he took notes, he asked Becky a zillion questions. When it was all over with, he asked Becky if he could have them. "Uh, yeah, they are ALL yours". Turns out our bug "buddies" were a ground beetle which isn't dangerous, actually good for the environment (okay Becky, no more pouring gas in a hole and lighting it!) and the eggs he suspected were layed on them by another bug, they were only serving as hosts for their "guests". He was going to post them on a bug/gardening forum to get some confirmation on his suspicions. Who could have thought two bugs that completely grossed us out could create so much joy for someone else? Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Bring on the mice please!

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Susan said...

Keep the bugs and the mice! Ewwwwww! LOL Love the name you chose for your blog.